domingo, 5 de agosto de 2007

my favorite.

I like all music in general, but my favorite musical artist is
Rick Martin, but like the vallenato music too.
My favorite movie is "Man on fire" because i like the acting of
"Denzel Washington" in that movie. I love Pizza, it's my favorite food.
My favorite actress is Elisha Cuthbert, and my favorite actor
Denzel Washington.I don't watch to much Tv, so i don't have a
fovorite series, but i like The simpsons.

introducing my self.

His name's is Brolly, he's from Maracaibo, he's student from Social Comunication at Urbe, and He's 17 years old.He likes to sleep, eat and drink, he loves to shopping and he enjoy to drive.I doesn't like walk, I hate rats, and I can't stand trafic my dream traveling around the world, I wants to traveling one day I doesn't like English but is important for him movies, and it helps me to practice, and get better speaking and writing.


Brolly: Hi, Jorge how are you?
Jorge : Fine and you?
Brolly: Fine, Fine..Ey dude i need to know the cost of the bottle of scotch..
Jorge : Well, the cost the Buchanan's 18 years is 70$
Brolly: Oh my dear.. it's to much expensive..
Jorge : is...But you can buy other thing
Brolly: No wait.. Let me call my father...
Oscar : Hello..?
Brolly : Pa, Can i buy a bottle of scotch for my birthday?
Oscar : How much is it?...
Brolly: Buchanan's 18 years...70$..
Oscar : Hmmm... It's a little too expensive..but it's ok..bring me one of those
Brolly: Ok dad... see you in the afternoon..
Jorge : What's up?..are you buying the bottle?
Brolly: Yes..i'm taking two bottles dude..

jueves, 2 de agosto de 2007

I spend of my money on food

I spend of my money on school

I spend less money on tansportation

I spend my money entertainment

martes, 31 de julio de 2007

My name is Brolly, I’m from Maracaibo, I am 17 years old I study mass communication at URBE.
I live in Maracaibo
I love my niece. I like sleep my dream is to graduate I hate the golf and to the cats I think about English is difficult

Every day I wake up at 11:30, I take a shower; I have breakfast milk with cork flakes
At 12:30 o'clock I go to the university at 5:30, I return to the house and use the computer, listen to the music and I talk with my friends